Our Mission to Help GP Practices Meet New Care Model Objectives

With the NHS and local councils developing and implementing shared proposals to boost health and care across the country, these are clearly times of significant change. Over the next few years, the move to 'join up care' will see England at the centre of the biggest health care system transformation in any major western country.

'Joined up care' is already delivering significant advantages country wide thanks to the New Care Model strategy and its sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs) and integrated care systems (ICSs).


The Objectives of the STP

The objectives of the STP are considerably beneficial for patients. Making it easier to see a GP at a  convenient time; speeding up diagnosis of cancer; improving outcomes for cancer and diabetes patients; offering better community support for mental health issues; promoting independence and delivering care closer to home are all moves in the right direction.

What's more, the STP will aim to reduce pressure on hospitals and accident and emergency departments and improve local health care services.


GP at Scale: Meeting the Objectives of the STP

The coming together of GP practices to form at-scale federations or super-practices is all about sharing responsibility for the delivery of high quality, patient-focused services within a community. It is also very much geared towards meeting the objectives of the sustainability and transformation partnership and the wider New Care Model.

A number of the key objectives of the STP can be met with the use of digital and online
services. These include:

  • Providing quick and easy access to health and care services
  • Putting patients in control with easy access to their own records
  • Making it easy to book a GP appointment or to talk to a GP or other health care provider
  • Enabling health care professionals to provide better treatment and care through improved information systems and record sharing
  • Creating 'digital outpatient services' – virtual clinics that allow a consultant to assess a patient's records so they can ascertain whether a hospital visit is actually necessary or whether the GP is able to deal with the issue

The GP at scale model is in a privileged position to pool resources and develop a sophisticated online platform to assist in meeting these objectives.

Ideally this is best achieved with a combination of initiatives. Firstly, a main group website that communicates the aims of the at-scale partnership and explains to patients the benefits of the coming together of the practices within it.

Then, for each individual GP surgery that forms part of the at-scale model, a website for each practice. This allows the individual practice to present its own services and news on a personal basis to its patients so that valued and familiar relationships are maintained.
The individual websites are also extremely beneficial when it comes to new patients searching online for a local practice to join.

At Tree View Designs we are committed to making it straightforward for practices joining together as at-scale models to meet the objectives of the STP and of course to realise their own crucial goals.

Our GP at scale websites incorporate a comprehensive range of features that will assist in
this way. These include:


Online forms

Secure online forms allow the digital objectives of the STP to be met, i.e. GP registration, updating of details, appointment management, updating of records, etc.

Online appointment booking integration

Making it easy to book a GP appointment.

News bulletins, articles and newsletters

To communicate the benefits and promote the use of online appointment booking and video link appointments. Links to social media platforms used by the practice will extend the reach of the messaging.

Signposting tools and calls to action

To direct patients to the wider community services on offer which will assist in taking pressure off the surgery and helping patients get the most relevant care they need in the first instance.

Links to healthcare partners and community services

For easy patient access to joined up care.

Useful resources

Up to date, comprehensive information for patients on how to stay healthy and well and how to monitor their health (through the use of smartphone apps, etc.) and prevent it from deteriorating with signposts to prompt support requests.

Digital management

A simple content management system backed by useful digital management tools designed to save practice management time; time which can be otherwise focused on building the success of the at-scale model and meeting the objectives of the STP.

Monitoring tools

Website analytics for practice managers to monitor the impact of their campaigns to ensure they are falling in line with objectives.


Your GP-at- Scale Model: Online and Ready to Start Delivering Benefits

Federation or super-practice; whatever your chosen method of working at scale, Tree View Designs has the perfect solution to manage your online presence.

Why not talk to us today about our range of options designed to put you in the best position possible to take advantage of at-scale working and to help you share the benefits of joined up care with your patients?

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