What's new in version 2.3.0

01st June 2016



Just about everything is new.  Firstly, we've completely revamped the front end to make it responsive so that your patients can view your website on their home PC, Laptop, Tablet or mobile phone.  We've added the Friends & Family Test, Media, Slideshows etc etc the list goes on.  See a full list below of all the new features that have been added in version 2.3.0

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  • Responsive Web Design

    Our websites use the latest technology so that your patients can view them on any device whilst at home on their PC, tablet or on the go using their mobile phone.

  • Re-designed Control Panel Layout

    We've re-designed the Control Panel layout to make things more intuitive as we now have many new optons available.

  • Sub Navigation

    You've asked and we've listened.  You can now completely customise your sub navigation menus to include categories, links, sub links and images.

  • Pre-Footer

    Now you can add more content and expand your website by utilising the pre-footer of your website.  Add videos, additional links, images etc...

  • Pages to be Published

    We've introduced a new feature which allows non publishers to create and update pages but these pages will not be published until a publisher checks the content and hits the button 'approve'.

  • New Edit Home Page option

    We've now made it evan easier to edit the home page by giving you a new option within the control panel called 'home page' where one of the options is to 'edit home page'.

  • Multiple Alerts

    In our previous system you could only add 1 alert at a time.  Now, you can add mutilple alerts.

  • Manage Columns

    After creating your column items, you can then create your column group.  This allows you to combine column items into groups and display them on specific pages on your website.

  • Manage Column Items

    We've made our columns completely customisable.  Now you can create your own columns items, add links, content, scripts, images and videos and choose which order and which page you want them shown on.

  • Practice Boundary

    This new feature allows you to draw your practice boundary so that patients can enter their post code and it'll tell you whether they live inside or outside that boundary area.

  • Practice Boundary In & Out of area customisable messages

    To further increase it's usability, we've added two further options that allow you to add an 'In boundary' message and an 'outside boundary' message.  These messages are completley customisable by the practice.

  • New and improved Photo Gallery

    Our Photo Gallery has had a face lift to include content associatioin and improved gallery layout and effects.

  • Slideshow

    This is now completely dynamic so you can now upload your own Photos to the slideshow and also add descriptions for each image.

  • Media

    We've made it easy for you to add videos, images, scripts etc to your website.  Simply add your media to the media section and select it from within the page you are editing.

  • Manage Images & Documents

    You now have a dedicated place within your control panel to manage your documents and images.

  • Friends & Family Test

    Our friends and family test module couldn't be easier to start collecting patient feedback.  You now have a dedicated page where patients can quickly complete a short question or you can include it onto any page using hte new 'media' option.

  • FFT Real Time Reports

    Real time reporting and graphs allow you to check how you're doing.

  • FFT manual add and export to .CSV for CQRS submission

    The FFT module has the option to export the results to .CSV for CQRS submission.

  • Staff Access Levels

    We've greatly improved the staff access levels to include group level tasking. Now you can create a group with a specific access level and assign your users to it.

  • Customisable Themes

    We've completey revamped the front end to make it responsive but we've also given you the option of customising the look and colour of your theme.

  • Confirmations

    We've dynamically included the 'confirmations' section into your website so that you can manage your confirmation messages.  For example, you can modify the message that's displayed to patients after they've submitted a poll or an FFT.

  • Configuration

    The new configuration section gives you even more control of your website. From this section you can add verications strings for Google and Bing. Add Google analytics code and header and footer scripts to really take control of your website.