Incremental Update Version 2.6.0

03rd August 2017


Practice Team

Our new practice team module makes it even easier for you to add and make modifications to your practice team.  Simply add the information, upload an image and your new team member will display automatically on your specific page.




More Information

When you add a new staff member and fill in all the fields, you have the option of adding a dedicated page for that individual so that all the fields you complete automatically get populated within this page. See example below.

doctors profile


Font Awesome


font awesome icons

Font Awesome is now fully integrated into your website.  With this amazing new update, you can now add fonts to any page and HTML navigation.  You can add them to Headings, Paragraphs and panels.   The example below shows how we've added the icons to categorise the main 'Practice Information' navigation menu.

navigation icons


NHS Choices Review(s)


We've now made it even easier for you to add your NHS Choices reviews.  

Simply copy and paste the review from your NHS Choices profile into the new module and each review will appear within your reviews page categoriesed by date.  You can add / edit and turn of the feeds.

Each time you add a new review, the date when this section was last updated will update dynamically in the format hh:mm  dd/mm/yyyy so you don't have to update it manually.



nhs choices reviews

Traval Questionnaire Form


Allow patients to send in information about their upcoming travel plans. Your Practice Nurses can then get the appropriate vaccinations prepared for the patient's visit to the practice.


Alcohol Consumption Review - Audit-C


A revised Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test Consumption (AUDIT C ) which places questions 1, 2 and 3 of the AUDIT first with the remaining 7 AUDIT questions after.