Website Features

All the features and functionalities of our GP surgery website were designed in participation with our Patient Groups, Practice Staff and by following the latest NHS Contractual requirements. This has lead to our websites being unique, built by the very foundation of the NHS to provide an exceptional experience to both practice staff and their patients.

Responsive Web Design Responsive Web Design Our websites use the latest technology so that your patients can view them on any device whilst at home on their PC, tablet or on the go using their mobile phone.
Easy to update, anywhere, anytime Easy to update, anywhere, anytime Add unlimited content and pages to your website anytime, anywhere using our intuitive custom designed content management system.
Change Layout and Appearance Change Layout and Appearance We work closely with our practices and patient group(s) to make sure our websites are customisable, intuitive and accessible. Choose from a selection of themes and customise the colours and design to your liking.
Upload Your Own Documents Upload Your Own Documents We will provide you with a lot of useful documents but you can also use your own. Within the editor it is easy to upload and link in your own documents for patients to access.
Add Your Own Photo Galleries, Slideshows & Images Add Your Own Photo Galleries, Slideshows & Images The website comes built with an Image Gallery and Slideshow which you can add/edit or delete for any page. You can also add your own photos to personalise your website further. Uploading and linking an image to any page is an easy process within the editor.
Unlimited Pages Unlimited Pages The website will be configured with a lot of information but you have the ability to add as many extra pages as you like. It is easy to do and gives you total control of the website content.
Friends & Family Test Friends & Family Test Our friends and family test module couldn't be easier to start collecting patient feedback with real time reporting and graphs and the option to export the results to .CSV
Patient Polls Patient Polls Create a poll allowing fast and easy access to simple questions. This allows rapid feedback from your patients on a particular topic. Results / graphs are all displayed in real time.
Staff Access Levels Staff Access Levels The website provides you with the ability to add groups and assign users to these groups so that either specific users or groups can access the area you want them to within the control panel. You may want to create a new group called 'News Editors' and assign it permissions so that this group of users can only access and make changes to the news section.
User / Group Publisher Permissions User / Group Publisher Permissions Following on from Staff Access Levels (see above) you can also specify whether the user you create has 'Publish' rights. This means, if you create a new user and specify Non-publish rights to that user, they can edit and add pages but they won't be able to publish them until a 'Publisher' approves the changes. All publisher users are alerted as to which pages need approving when they access the control panel.
Integrated Clinical Supplier's Online Services Integrated Clinical Supplier's Online Services We can integrate your clinical supplier's Online processes into your website for ordering repeat prescriptions, booking & cancelling appointments, viewing medical records and much more. Our system will interoperate with EMIS Web/PCS/LV, InPS Vision, System One and complementary systems such as FrontDesk.
Interactive Practice Area Map Interactive Practice Area Map The website comes with the option for you to draw your practice boundary area around a map. Patients can then enter their post code and it will display whether they are within the registering area or not. You also have the option of configuring what you want the message to display if they are within or outside the practices registering area.
Newsletter Newsletter Patients can subscribe to your website newsletter, so as soon as it becomes available on the website, it will automatically be emailed to them.
Patient Alerts Patient Alerts You can add alerts to your website which, once activated, will popup automatically on the homepage to display an Alert that the practice wants patients to see straight away. These alerts can be anything from Christmas Opening Times to Upcoming Flu Clinics, Practice Closure dates etc.